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Acton/SoCal Penske Professional Vehicles

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Boston Coach

Pre-Owned Commercial Livery Vehicles

Acton/SoCal Penske Professional Vehicles is the preferred supplier of livery vehicles to Boston Coach/Dav El. 

We are able to offer exceptional prices on the BC/Dav El fleet vehicles that are cycled out of service in almost every US market. 

Every car we offer carries the remaining portion of GM's 3-year/150,000 mile warranty and we can  assist you with financing and shipping. 

Inventory is available now in the following markets:

 Washington, DC Boston, MA
San Francisco, CAChicago, IL 
Los Angeles, CAWest Palm Beach, FL
 PennsylvaniaNew York
New Hampshire   
To learn more, please call Bill Cunningham at (888) 384-2841
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