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Introducing The Chrysler 300-L

Prototype 300 LWB

The 300-L is extended by 7-inches at the B pillar which allows the retention of the structurally important OEM door, hinges and door opening. It also retains OEM weatherstrips, glass, lift motor, linkages and associated hardware. This vehicle has been designed to enhance the beautiful lines that Chrysler intended, and "for the long run" with engineered-in quality, reliability, and durability.

Built exclusively for Acton SoCal Penske by an established high quality coach builder, this new extended 300 Sedan project has been engineered to exceed FMVSS safety requirements; testing and certification planning is presently underway.

For our Chrysler 300-L livery sedan conversion, Acton SoCal Penske has worked closely to meet or exceed all Chrysler OEM specifications and capacities. 

The 300-L comes with Chrysler's 4 year 150,000 mile warranty coverage, unique to livery operators.


We are accepting deposits of these cars now. 


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Acton/SoCal Penske Professional Vehicles

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